Monday, August 13, 2012

Project Update

The native vegetation at the Cate bank stabilization site is establishing well. Over the last year there has been significant growth on the plants. Some of the plants are completely off supplemental irrigation and doing well.

Photo taken from the downstream end of the project looking back upstream. Shows the amount of growth that has occurred as the native vegetation is filling in the site. For comparison see the previous post.

Photo taken of the upper section of restored stream bank, from in the channel facing upstream. Shows how well the site has filled in with native cover.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project Update

The native vegetation at the Cate bank stabilization is establishing well. Over the last several months there has been significant growth on the willows poles, container stock, and native seed that were planted at the site. The sticky monkey flowers are currently flowering and the giant rye is going to seed. 

Photo taken from the downstream end looking back upstream at the project site shows the significant amount of growth that occurred since December 2010, for comparison look at the last post. 

Photo of one of the sticky monkey flowers that was planted from a 2 inch pot at the site only a few months ago is now over a foot tall. 

Photo taken looking upstream from the lower most rootwad through the middle section of the project, shows there is still flow at the project site and growth on willow poles surrounding the rootwad structures. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Project Update

The large storm events we had over the weekend and into the beginning of this week have produced a significant amount of flow at the Cate Bank Stabilization Project. The flow was as high as the top of the root wads through the middle section. Bellow are some photos taken this last Sunday, the flow seems to have gone down since then but will potentially rise again with the pulse of rain that is expected this afternoon and evening.  Check back for more updates.

Photo taken from the downstream section looking back upstream shows stream flow through the project site.

The lower most rootwad, in the middle of the frame is just barely showing above the water level.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Project Update

The willow stakes out at the Cate bank stabilization project are already sprouting! Just over the last few weeks there has been a significant amount of growth. Bellow are some photos of the sites progress.

This photo, looking downstream shows the lower section of the project. The little green shoots all along the lower part of the bank are willow that was staked in from cuttings.

This photo shows the most downstream root wad with willow stakes sprouting all around it.

Check back for future updates on the project progress.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Construction Complete

Construction and grading at the Cate Bank Stabilization site is finished. All heavy equipment has been removed from the staging area. The California Conservation Corps (CCCs) have been working this week to install erosion control material and start the revegetation efforts at the site. Native seed was racked into the soil before the installation of erosion control fabric in order to help stabilize the soil but also the fabric as plants start to grow up through the fabric. Willow staking was done along the toe of the slope, around and between the root wad structures, as well as into the erosion control fabric. Today 200 native container plants, consisting of blackberry, giant rye, clematis, elderberry,  toyon, and monkey flower to name a few were planted into the erosion control fabric.

CCCs working to install the erosion control material at the downstream end of the project site. Willow poles were laid into the trench at the bottom end of the erosion control fabric. Additional Willow and Sycamore stakes were also placed throughout the toe of the slope.

The CCC members installing erosion control fabric and staking willows at the upstream end of the project site. The most upstream root wad in a series of four is shown at the bottom of the frame. Staking and seeding was also done around and behind these structures to help stabilize the bare soil.

CCC members planting native container stock throughout the project site. Plants were primarily purchased from Santa Barbara Natives with a few additional plants purchased from Growing Solutions in Goleta. All plants were propagated from local sources. Coastal Restoration Consultants helped design the restoration plan for the project. Over 200 container plants were planted throughout the project area today.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Construction Continues

The major construction out at the Cate Bank Stabilization project is nearly complete. Peter Lapidus Construction has been busy this week, starting at the downstream end of the project site and working his way back up the creek and out of the channel. The upper and lower sections of the project called for a large toe trench to be dug and filled with large rocks. Willow and Sycamore poles were placed in this trench as PLC filled it in with rock and dirt around them. The banks were then laid back to a more gradual slope. In the middle sections of the project four large root wads were installed in the creeks right bank to help deflect the flow away from the right bank and protect it from further erosion. Next week PLC will finish the final grading on the upper section and tie up any loose ends before completely pulling his equipment out of the project site. A CCC crew is scheduled to come in next week and lay erosion control material as well as seed and plant the area.

Looking downstream at the end of the project site, this photo shows the right bank to its new grade as well as the toe trench full of willow stakes.

Looking downstream, this photo shows PLC working to install the 4th and final root wad structure in the middle section of the project site.

This photo shows the upstream section of the project, as the toe trench was being filled in and willow and sycamore poles were being placed.
PLC pulling his excavator out of the creek without disrupting the toe rock and willow stakings.

Check back next week for more updates and photos to see the projects progress.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Construction has started!

Last week the California Conservation Corps worked to fence out the project area and harvest willows and sycamores from the site before construction began. A large pool was dug by the CCCs and lined with plastic sheeting to provide the willow and sycamore poles with water until we are ready to plant them.  Last week limbing and removal of Avocado trees was also done along the access road to the project site.  This week Peter Lapidus Construction began working on the toe trench on the downstream end of the project site. Peter will make his way up stream filling in the toe trench with large rock and laying back the bank to a more gradual grade. Check back later this week for more photos and updates as construction continues.

CCC crew working to harvest and salvage willow poles that would be lost during project construction.
Willow and Sycamore poles staying wet until they can be planted.

Initial toe trench being dug at the downstream end of the project site.